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I look up in that wooden ceiling, as  My lungs are crawling through the deadly trenches.  A maid puts the medicine on the dresser.  My body too weak to move, 
American pride is wrongfully written its true meaning is hidden beneath zealous jingoism   pride, on a Mohs scale, is a ten
She was peerless as she sat on that bench,  Much so that an agonizing gust of wind couldn't ruin her unblemished appearance. She didn't have to say a word, not one sound.
  We look up and see nothing but sky Blue, Bright, Clear The galaxy beyond is a dream within a dream A world eclipsed in light  As we climb towards the edge of the overwhelming darkness
Sitting tall upon the water, like a queen upon her throne, she seemed to proclaim to all who saw her that she could care for her own!   The biggest vessel ever built,
I ponder what it was like that night, As the “unsinkable” vessel slipped from sight. Slipped from all her friends and foes, From a world filled with joys and woes
I awaken to, Sirens outside my room, Dark grays explode in my, Mind as I try to gather, My senses on this ship, That was never supposed to sink.
My maiden voyage is near. The ocean’s calling, can’t you hear? My heart is pounding, my flames are burning. My mooring lines hold tight, but I am still yearning, Yearning for that chance of first run.
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