The Anchor of the Ship

I look up in that wooden ceiling, as 

My lungs are crawling through the deadly trenches. 

A maid puts the medicine on the dresser. 

My body too weak to move, 

And my eyes too heavy to stand. 

A wave of cough came over me 

As I see the maid putting a white cloth over my mouth. 

I look down, seeing tiny specks of blood 

Staining the cloth. 


I close my eyes and see your handsome face.

Oh, Harvey! How much I missed you! 

It’s been four years since that haunting night. 

I still remember it like it was yesterday. 

The Titanic in its final moments,

Our goodbye that was supposed to be meaningful

Ended up turning into a nightmare. 

Hearing our daughter, our dearest Marjorie, screaming at the top of her lungs.

As the hands of the men, throwing her and I into that small, hideous boat. 

Throughout the tears and chills,

When the boat was lowered to the ocean.

I remembered your smile on mine as our marriage was being torn apart. 


My heart dropped to my stomach

Like an anchor to the ocean floor

When the news of all of the rescue boats made it to New York City. 

“I am sorry Mrs. Charlotte Collyer, your husband wasn’t on the boats.” 

I still regret going to that “unsinkable” ship! 

There will be days where our seven year old child is asking for her father, 

And one day, the news of telling her came true. 

Marjorie misses you so much, Harvey

And I am afraid that she will have to miss me too. 


The tunes of “Nearer My God to Thee”

Humming throughout the bedroom. 

I cannot wait any longer to meet you again, my dear husband. 

God, please just take me now.

I am waiting for your timing. 

The final moments are here. 

The guilt from the Titanic will no longer be on my shoulders. 

The battle between Tuberculosis has been far too long. 

Marjorie, my dear, I love you with all of my heart. 

And to my Harvey, I am coming very soon. 



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