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Where will you be       twenty twenty          I've got news for       you aplenty.Leave me alone let  me pilot my drone
What is her name? She’s not my friend I admire her from a distance So powerful and graceful From afar, she is perfect  
You were a bird Free, fragile He was a vulture Cruel, devious You were a storm Somber, dark
I am flawless. I am so could say that I am lawless. My feet sweep the streets and keep the people who act aweless. From being in my presence.
Hello there miss beautiful, Looking fine there as usual, Got my mind all delusional.  
Infants, toddlers, new-borns *Cutest wittle cheeks I’ve ever seen!* BABIES.   They were the last two of the sweetest and most ripe apples From the tree whose roots lay the foundation of mankind
I play the guitar hoping to get far. Not just to get by , but enough defy. All who resent me , with a youthful burst of energy. They tell me I must become an engineer. The pay is good , and getting famous is rare.
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