Angelic Queen


Hello there miss beautiful,

Looking fine there as usual,

Got my mind all delusional.


If love is a crime,

And you are a dime,

Then excuse me miss, could I take you for a wine and dine?


Our love has commenced,

My feelings recompensed,

So fragile, yet dense.


It started out with a series of love letters,

Holding conversations of greatest pleasure,

Endeavoring what appears to be my future lover.


Anticipated on you being my date,

Never looked deeply upon our fate,

On the contrary, both parties getting served like a cold dinner plate.


The realist turns out to be fake,

Ironic, but not a mistake,

Just another rotten fish deep within an open lake.


Feelings of mixed emotions,

Thoughts on different notions,

Thus our downfall enclosed in one big commotion.


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