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Silence is deafening The sound of empty souls The quiet darkness cutting undesirable thoughts The sound of a lullaby full of fraught   Silence in the darkness The sound of empty words
I take drugs to feel good, boy.You lie like a liar should, boy.I don't trust, but who would, boy,after all I've been through?
At my window sit Heaven’s pearly gates, Comprised of beaming starlight. The only view of paradise I’ll ever obtain Is the stars that dot the night.   Are these the winged angels of old,
Slowly, the sunlight vanishes without a trace As night covers earth in her sweet embrace. From the window I watch as the fireflies dance;  They’re radiant yellow stars but only for a glance.  
hello night I welcome you   your choir of crickets chirping fondly belting bedtime stories   your candles in the sky like tiny campfires dying in the distance  
"Be yourself again." They say.I want to be all that and more.But how can I  go back to being something,That I never even knew?And how can you find yourself,
Dear Blackberry,   When I first met you, You were bigger than me. A father's first gift to his newborn child. In my earliest memories, you're right there with me: Playing with you,
The hill in Hawthorn Park was notorious for attracting stoners ar night,   They linger at the top, Out of breath from the hike, And take a drag from death whilst sharing stories under the stars,  
Our eyes met while the night was young, as the champagne bubbles danced across my tongue. Who knew this evening would decide our fate? This is the moment in which I find my soulmate.
i tried to tell the moon goodnight,   but the words were stuck in the back of my mind   unable to escape from behind  
Bright light, lovely pale flesh, reflecting blue as the moonlight catches movement, as fingertips dance across flesh, hot and humid breath catching at the back of your throat,
lonely with my thoughts as the night whispers sweet nothings in to my ear
I can’t sleep in complete darkness I can’t sleep in total silence Because bad things happen in places like that When no one can see your tears Or hear you breathing heavily
Stare keenly out of the ajar window, to the moon and through the trees.
On shining lights in velvet nightsI hung my hopes with silver stringAs whispered words I overheardRebounded in my rotting brain.
I keep getting sad at night instead of putting myself to sleep but I always put up a fight even though I know perfectly well what it does to me
When the dark rolls in on summer skies
Sleepless night and a flickering light the shadow glares, from above it snares   slow tunes fill this space with nostalgia
  Far from reality Toward God’s whispers Over distant gray mountains Beside azure lakes Far from mint grasses
The world has turned its face from the Sun, And I don't know if it will turn again. In the dark black I stumbled over the Earth crying-confused Roadburn on my knees, gravel imprints in my gray-pink palms  
Dont we come across a wonder  Every now and then? I mean shouldnt we just write them in a book We should -  No we shouldnt  Thoughts are meant to be kept in mind No where else than our mind
Here’s to you, here’s to me, Here’s to us and all that means, Here’s to the girl who is all alone, Here is to the child newly grown, Raise this one to all the teens crying,
At first, it was disconcerting; The feeling of being unable to rest. Now, I am comforted by it. My mind, it never sleeps-- Never quiets-- Never stops-- Never dies. I can feel it;
Whene’er the lustrous moon and stars appear My tiny world is filled with truth and bliss. The nighttime and the dark I do not fear For here is where I ponder life amiss. Here all my sibling’s bickering subsides.
Scuffed shoes, light as smoke on life-bruised feet. Alone with my reflections And the moon And the thump, thwap, scrape Of soles on ground up asphalt.
The books never once opened on the shelf crack their pages to reveal thick-jawed beasts or the few remaining craters of ghost-towns or a sea of people shielding me from you and you from me
I am the moon When the light fades And the world turns a blind eye, I become alive. I show myself to only the darkness, Ane become The soul of the night. The stars puncture the darkness
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