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Challenges in life come up Plans get wrecked Times seem dark And your head seems like it's a mess   We all need a little push To go in the right direction Something to help motivate us
Through the dark and vile came the light awakening a brumal beast. With hands like fire, virtuous fingertips graze upon the unrest of the cosmos singeing all connections that once restrained it as human.
Dear younger me,   How would it be, If I told you that I'm you and you're me, Go ahead and let the astonishment free, As you see through me how great you will be, There's few things I have to say,
She is not perfect. She is rough around the edges. She is good on the inside, But others do not see the goodness in her.   She only wants to feel. Something. Anything.
America, I love you I love your apple pies and extra fries And the soldiers that love you enough to die I love root beer, and my self-expression And my right to get an education   But, America
What are we? It's like sand Honey Sand in an hourglass And I'm trying to grab on to it in the middle  Like its a rope but it keeps slipping through my fingers I feel it. But I feel it slipping away
the humanity in my existence the sword held by my last breath the writer telling the last story the last set of rhyme,
Like a quantity divided by zero, I am undefined. I am cognition in your mind. I slip through your fingers when you try to figure me out. You and I are very alike, we are not what we think we are, and are
Did she call you tell you she loved all your songs?
Life has its ups and downs,  Some days the smiles get mixed with the frowns, But you have to look around and keep your head up and dont look to the ground. There is more to life than tears 
Look outside, outside yourself Outside the problems, outside the consequences Outside the people, outside the judgement And just look, don’t speak, don’t think - just look Enjoy the beauty
To define means to give the exact meaning or to be in perfect cla
the sun sets and i forget the bitter sweet joy of your loving kiss how you use to make me want to scream and expect the love to come in and shower me now its less hours more tower time i try to make the tarnsition stop just in time but yet i am b
I am an undefined nature, a creative heart that gives love. I am a misunderstood human being with a beautiful mind. I am a powerful black woman that fights for the freedom and justice of others.
The other day I was feeling a bit off and for once was not the source of positivity I was letting other people’s words get me down regardless of the relativity
I am powerful But there are so many other peope in the world But I am one in a million I am determined But you don't do all that is possible But I do what I feel is possible I am unique
Some say a smile is worth a thousand words, my smile apparently is worth a thousand compliments.
What makes me Flawless is my Confidence I'm so Flawless I'm up for this. Taking my dreams by storm and not letting anyone or anything knock me down with this.
You belong
Broken pieces of the past create a ghost of a girl, slowly fading away with each tear and fake smile. All she ever wanted was love,
Anxiety. Depression.They're not things you can define.
Why do people disagree so?
You can't define what loves you
“It makes me sad that you’re unhappy with life,”he said to me.   I looked for the words to say,searching long and hard in my mind,but nothing true came.  
There it stands... Looking you straight in the eyes... It's road block in your path of success. Can you defeat it? Or will it defeat you? It started out small,
Tick Tock, Tick Tock The minutes on the life clock are wasting away.
I hate it when people call themselves; Stupid, ugly, fat. I ain gonna comment back, Though I know you wan me to say what you want to hear. No your a genious not stupid,
I became extremely annoyed my mind swirled with violent thoughts  of things that I could do  to YOU  the torture that would give me pleasure I want to yank your eyeballs out of your head
My favorite color is blackbecause black is darklike my brother’s skindark like shadowa mysterya Sudoku puzzleonly light knows how to solve.The last person I spoke tootheir name was nigga’
On the wall the clock tick-tocks Every minute waning My Heart Beat Waxing   The clock tick-tocks again This time the Surgeon is removed He is the barer of bad news   The clock tocks
I will Love with the love from above This is how God will use me to change the world All i know is that the world needs saving Thats why God had to give His Son God is Love and love is what He does
One thing I wish more people would be, is more accepting, more tolerable of people like me. To not poke fun at the geeks, or nerd, or dorks, but to be understaning,
When I depart,
The Sun's heat cruelly purloins the life-sustaining moisture from Earth, Leaving her a lifeless shell. Each day the waves of heat surge across the ground,  The fingers of a heartless thief.
To them it is just a dark night, With winds picking up the snow and then dropping it, As if they no longer wanted to carry the burden. To them it is a day where they gather around a fireplace,
Lies from a woman, a woman she loved One who told her that she was her angel, sent from above. But the love she couldn't show it, love she needed,
I am only sixteen. These thoughts that run through my head are reminiscent of an old mind, one that has seen hatred, cruelty, inhumanity. I have turned a blind eye to those I so desire to forget,
I want to kiss you and get butterflies I want to lay beside you and pull the covers away I want stare into your eyes and while you tell me to stop being annoying, then I smile so you smile
Teacher says, teacher goes, teacher smiles, teacher knows,  what you have done, was clearly a mistake, maybe it is, time for a break.
Mother I forgive you for you know not what you do Call me a zero in hopes it'll motivate me to avoid the bar stool Most men live there life defining and executing functions I have yet to define a single variable 
It's appalling how I crave you Behave for you, when I said I'd wait.. A second, you caught my breath Fog my mind, steal my time, hold me arrest. My body.. can't say you know my heart
We are undefined by words alone, the ones who stand, the rolling stones. They will say stand out in a crowd and try something newBut heaven forbid that you actually do.
I guess you're just an afterthought now.  A memory hidden in the corner of a story,  Making out in the broomcloset of my mind   Like that one scar with a good story  That nobody else asks about.   
From this grove, I do peer At a corporate scaly leer Diesel yellow monsters tear at elm As clear cut highway scrub takes the helm Can’t you see through template greenery? As it suffocates in toxic serenity—
The pen is mighter than the sword if you can afford to hone your wit you must be legit and education you must seek
Alone but surroundedLightly she stands with a heavy concentrationHer eyes fixed at nothing in the distanceThe rippling water dances at her feetTender sand grains envelop her toesSwallowing her deeper and deeper
  We never take the time, to see how the country unwinds and if you do you just might be in for a surprise.   When did this happen? Who would allow this? For someone to tell us, show us and doubt us.  
My name is Madisen I love to ride, But when it comes to leavin' i'd rather die. Golf is my passion I play the 18th hole for fun, While I see the evening sun. I am a senior, born in Oklahoma
The clock is scearming at me; “Tick Tok, Tick Tok” The time seems to be flying right now Sweat pouring down my face My pencial is beginning to race across this paper A window is open in the back of the room
He woke up to a torrent of sounds: Sirens, shouts, and the percussion of instruments. The tent lit up with stinging rays of light, Bursting, shining, flashing like miniature stars.
Reality is little more than falling out of a fluffy cloud of tranquility To fall face-down on a world where the very term of harmony Is met with glares and people screaming in agony
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