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He swears and curses in the rain. He is known for his remarkable brain. Others’ problems he is known to drain. So he can’t comprehend, How his problem is driving him to his end.  
 I am… The Lady I am the lady who likes muscle, not malls. I like the feeling of how the power and strength that surges through my mind and body and soul creates harmony amongst my demons
This is my body. I do what I want. This is my body, Not your’s. This is my blood. It will shed   Only Every month Of my life.   This is my body, too.
The female identity Is not to be confused With the male entity   On what they think What they say Or what the media portrays   And they? They’re the men and also the women
the ladies of the foam prepare for the dance their legs kicking higher as they stretch to the sky the ladies of the foam start the opening number slowly
To my future daughter You will know that you are a queen from the moment you are concieved till you rest your head against the silk linen of your eternal crib
  From overuse of makeup To having sex to make up The women of this society have Began to lose their touch They’ve become victims Victims to men who’d rather Nut then be a friend
Lovely ladies, In their tiny skirts, plucking out their eyebrows 'til their red skin stings and burns, Lovely ladies, Waiting for the praise, Standing by their lockers waiting on the boys to wave,
Bottle it up, plaster on a smile, Focus on grace, focus on style. If you have a disagreement, don't say it aloud, For if you do, your friends will frown. A lady does not whine or show her true feelings.
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