The Female Identity

The female identity

Is not to be confused

With the male entity


On what they think

What they say

Or what the media portrays


And they?

They’re the men

and also the women

Judging and filling

Telling our minds and our hearts

On what a woman

Should be doing.


The female identity

O dear Lord, help me—

It’s a vast collection

A bible

Of human connections


We need to show them


The female identity

Is not what they think

Or what they say

Or what the media portrays

Or what boyfriend number 38 has to say.


Between you and me

Our identity


Is after

Our activity


Our identity

Should precede

What we do


But this is not happening

Instead we’re


Feeding and growing and enhancing

What they think

And what they say

And what the media portrays


That women look like this

And are naked half the time

That thigh gap is a must

Your fat ass you must hide.


You see?


If our activities speak louder

Than our identity

Then what is the point

of different sexualities?


Let me clarify

What I mean

Gender is what you think

But sex is what you are


There is male

And there is female

Both made in God’s image

And yet


What they think

And what they say

And what the media portrays


Says no

No no no

Young lady,



But wait


The female identity

Is not to be mocked

Not to be told

What to do or say


but right now


It’s bullied

It’s hidden

It’s timid

Forbidden to preach.


What she truly thinks

And what she truly says,


No media can portray.


The truth for her purpose

The truth of her life

Is to support and care

For her husband

For her children,

To serve and love God

Unconditionally loving His creations.


Not to her wife.


You see,

women are only seen

For the now

speakable need

For men’s and women’s disposable

Pleasure and greed.


So how can it be

When both God and man have forsaken?

No longer man’s support

No longer God’s fair maiden.


You see these curves on our sides?

It’s for babies to hold.

Not for men’s lustful touch

Not for women’s lustful desire.


The curve fits a child’s legs

Wrapped around their mother.


I wish you could see

God’s intention

But you can’t


What you seek is selfish

What you seek is freedom


But your freedom and God’s differ.

His intention was not

Yes yes yes

But the ability

to say



And yet you still think it’s freedom

To do what you want

When you want it

Never ceasing

Unable to



You can take

But you can’t give away.


The female identity was not intended this way.

The female identity is lost

But it is not easily forgotten.


It is strong at first sight

And truly,


Has not been forsaken.


Clean up your windows

Your mirrors

Your glasses


You can’t see


The real you

Who you were

Who you are

God’s love at first sight.


The Female Identity








i really like this


this is greattt




this poem is very powerful and awe-inspiring. great work!


This is honestly so beautiful. plaease keep writing. c:


Powerful! You are making a difference!



I  L O V E this poem so much!!!

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