First Impression

He swears and curses in the rain.

He is known for his remarkable brain.

Others’ problems he is known to drain.

So he can’t comprehend,

How his problem is driving him to his end.


She bangs the table in frustration.

Everything she says they seek clarification.

Her ingenuity is her condemnation.

She is known for her intimidation.

But for her loneliness she can’t find a solution.


His life is an indelible routine.

Leave the house and grab some caffeine,

Go to work and discuss Methane.

Go home in the evening to a cold bed,

And stare into his torn heart he can’t mend.


Her life is an intoxicating orgy of boredom.

Though she has risen to stardom,

Hers is a lifestyle she could abandon.

But it’s bestowed upon her

And she has no choice but to deliver.


He rushes for his usual caffeine late.

Then suddenly his bad mood abates.

A word pops in his head. ‘Great’.

Zombified, he walks to the woman. T

oday he really begins his life as a man.


She has never been to this café

But there is a first time for everything.

She likes the coffee; she might be back for buffet

Maybe to this place she will cling


She sees him approaching her and frowns.

“Hi there gorgeous lady,

I hope this doesn’t sound crazy,

But I swear to you truly,

Looking at you makes me happy,

And if I can look at you every day,

For your coffee and more I will gladly pay.”


She thinks he has a glamorous smile.

Though his line should have made her rile,

She listens on but without a smile.

If he gets naughty she will run a mile,

Or cave his nose in with a tile.


“Do you come here often?

If you did,

I would have noticed your beauty.

If you are a test,

I award God ten out of ten.

He perfected you thoroughly.

Please allow me to praise your beauty daily.”


Later, they shake hands.

What color will be the wedding cards?

Has she gone utterly out of her mind?

Maybe she has, maybe she hasn’t.

All she knows is that her life has just begun.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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