I Am...The Lady

 I am… The Lady

I am the lady who likes muscle, not malls.

I like the feeling of how the power and strength that surges through my mind and body and soul creates harmony amongst my demons

I am the lady who strives for peace, not picture press

I know we must plant our roots in the earth and grow from there

not in the soil of social media and false advertisement


I am the lady who does not hide behind my blonde hair, curvy stature, or delicate voice.

Because I am not defined by what your eyes choose to see

or by the filter in which society has strangled to put onto your ears


I am the lady who you fear will corrupt your tainted thoughts with feminism and social equality

Because I know you become frightened

when the birds change their migratory path to better fit their needs.


I am the lady you fear who would rather look “gross” than fit in to your strategically construed ideals

Because I know when my body is hidden in baggy clothes and my armpit hair is longer than yours,

I am myself.


I am the lady who you fear will invoke change in this self-absorbed materialistic world.

I am the Voice

I am the Muscle

I am the Lady


This poem is about: 
Our world



This is really well written, I love the feminist themes and the pit hair joke. 

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