love in silence

Sat, 04/05/2014 - 21:35 -- alexia


Love is not saying three words for reassurance nor is it insecurity.

It is the stable breathing of the person next to you

and the increasing certainty of being loved back

with every change of season.


Being in love destroys the phrase "I love you"

making words astoundingly meaningless.

How could the English language, or any language,

mean the slightest when compared to

the soft pecks on your cheek, the comfortably long eye contact

or the warmth of his presence.


The man constructed form of communication can thread together

a seemingly endless string of lies, but the heart doesn't know

how to suppress what it feels,

let alone lie.


The heart feels and loudly expresses what it knows

in the form of piercing waves every time his hand

brushes the hair out of your face.

The only reassurance in love is the kind that is provided by the heart,

triggered by his cold finger tips gliding on your skin.


Love is heard loudest in silent rooms

where the heart beats to the rhythm of the mind.

Every thud being a new word in a language that is much more intimate

than any word to escape from the tine of his loving tongue.

Every beat followed by a relieving exhalation.

An exhale which disguises sweet thoughts

regarding the fact that your body is

a language i want to be fluent in.


Love is spoken through the soul

and seen from the way his eyes light up

to an extent that shames even the moon

in a dark October sky.


Love is not worrisome or unsure.

That's why when your in love

and someone tells you they love you ,

you instinctively answer with

"I always knew".  



Three words: beautiful, inspirational, understood

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