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F a r a w a y   m o o nas a young childI could see your smiletaste your cheesesee your old mantouch you with my finger.
We feed from eachother –Fruits of the womb.Our minds meeting,A binding of souls exhumed.  
The Turning Point                                By: Rocco La Tour                                                                                                                                
They tell me I don't know what it's like to be a grown up. That life isnt as nice as I have it and once I'm an adult life is hell. Let me tell you all something; I am grown. 
What is it like to be eighteen? Eighteen is driving down a dark road Blasting music At 12 am. Eighteen is a baby eagle Just leaving
It’s the devil in DISGUISE, When you look into its eyes, You become mesmerized. An eater of souls and a dark cloud above, At one point you thought it was LOVE. You’d give up your LIFE just to have a TASTE.
For such a long time, I thought I understood long term relationships and that anyone can have them at any age Specifically my own personal demographic But suddenly A switch flipped And a light bulb flickered
Rocking in azure blue, Fluorescent lights all around, Rockets flying; left and right, lawyers sue,
So fortunate we are To have the news at our fingertips At every moment. Each event in the world Is broadcast in seconds, The good and the bad, But mostly the bad.  
Slowly eroding, Depleting and lacking, Fear evident, plastered upon my features, I lean in closer, not willing to consent to living a life of despondency,  Even if I was neglected by society.
Worthless Numbers
Free of her father,
I hate it when adults, Think they know who you are They think they can look at you and know what kind of person you are They think they can look at your grades And decide the road your life will take
I cry because I know that I am strongI know that I have grownI have come so far from that girl who used to longStaring out of the window hoping for a world where I belong
…and as my pen dances, across a page, so white and crisp, she scribbles words, she laughs, she cries, she teaches those who do not know that in order to understand,
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