Where I Belong


United States

I cry because I know that I am strong
I know that I have grown
I have come so far from that girl who used to long
Staring out of the window hoping for a world where I belong

I am only the product of what is made of me
and I am so grateful for the things that life has given to me
I am not sad because of what wasn't meant to be
I am happy for the things that I got the chance to see

I am talented, yes indeed
But I will never belittle someone who looks up and sees the best in me
I am not always right and that's a defeat that I take gracefully
And I know that I have things to learn that will probably amaze me

I have pain from the past that keeps chasing me                     

Shame to the people who have lied to my face, but said that I only saw what I wanted to see
I am not naive for believing in such fools
I am heroic for being able to walk away from a situation in which I would lose

I challenge myself in ways that may seem insane
But I know that no matter what, I will not forfeit this game
I am a fighter, a winner, and most importantly a human
Humanity is suffering because people forget to use it
Stay humble and focused and be done with greed
Be thankful for what you have because not everyone can have ends meet.

The girl that once stared upon the window pane wishing to be a princess soon realized that the kingdom was flawed

And that there is only one way to belong

By closing her eyes to the tragedies that the world has shown



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