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I never knew the path I followed, I never knew how close I'd walk, I never knew my life was broken, I never knew my dad was not Taught me how to be myself, taught me how to read and talk
A moment of insecurity in January of 2016 caused me to make the most careless decision that led me straight to you through an online dating app. This is how 2016 introduced me to most enchanting, loving, and selfless U.S.
MARINE I have a soldier lost at sea Drifting away as his mind would be I await this soldier Who I adore Upon the rising shore. Wishing for a storm to bring him back to shore
At the crack of dawn PT is on Then some breakfast It isn't the best Video games on my futon Until the armory calls upon Cleaning my gat I wish we could have a cat Waiting on formation
YOU were the wind. Under my wing. We could not think. Of such a thing. As a War in Vietnam. You answered. When we called. YOU were the wind.
Cpl Robert Lin Cook USMC In his 300 plus poems. Wrote about what we wore. And what we carried. But more important. He wrote about what Marines Are all about,;
My tears, were private All the dying. And the suffering  There was no one.  That I could talk to. I suffered alone. My tears, were private. Can you see, 
Little fish look for food While worrying About becoming it
Im gonna smile and Im not gonna cry
I've yet to swim in the darkest depths, for I never want to stay on the surface.
I look down, And she looks up. My brown eye, to her black one.   I walk on above, she swims in the pool. Separated by only, Fifteen feet and a tilted pane of glass.  
  For Apollo was undercover and no one knew his
This thing of love, of loving and being loved. It consumes me in the gentlest of ways,  softly washing over me until I've been covered up; a blissful drowning. I've become willing to risk hitting a shelf 
Some people wonder how I do it, Why I wait for this man. Because Im proud of what he does, I love him because I can.
There is something about superheroes,Of which I am very keen.They wear silly outfitsAnd there faces are never seen. But not even Superman Can compare to my marine.A true hero,A fighting machine. The villain on love Came to steel me away,But there
Dear Mr. Marine, I'm praying for your safety, Don't fill my worst of fears. Even though I am strong, there's a river-perpetual tears. Love, Your daughter
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