Goodbyes For That Hello


Im gonna smile and Im not gonna cry
When the times come with the dreaded goodbyes
It is a strange fact how time flies by
From saying the hello
Then returning to say goodbye
Yet without going through goodbye
You can not give me the next hello
For the longest time I had to look away
 With tears in my eyes
I could not look at your face
Then March one day
The perspective changed
Yet I know it is true
You must yet again leave
Even though you will be gone so far
No matter where you go
There is not a day that comes where you are not somehow with me
Today someone asked
When you will be back home
Here with me
My heart just smiled
It knows there has not been a day
 Where you were not a part of me
To us
Goodbye is not the end
Remember as you must leave from me
It is not an end
It is just another goodbye closer
To the next time I have you again
Even then if it is still heavy to leave
Be reminded that you are gone
So that when the duty is done
There wont be anymore goodbyes
The start of a new time
Like getting to say hello again for the very first time
A time without goodbyes
With no more Baby I miss yous
Only see Baby I knew you could make it through
Knowing what we know
You can not tell me there is a goodbye we can not over come
So goodbye for now Baby
I miss you but will be seeing you soon
Until that day comes
I will steal your kisses from the sun
And send you kisses through the moon
I will hold you in my heart
Until the day comes
That you do not have to leave my arms
For now I must be patient and wait
There will be a day
Hello wont lead to
Goodbye Baby I gotta go now
It will be
Baby here I am just like I promised you I would be
You get to have me and me not leave
But we are here for now
You must leave
So my sweet darling
I am letting you go as I kiss you goodbye
I will look to the day with the hello where you wont ever let go
Only you and me
What a hello that must be, where I can know for sure you wont have to leave,
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