a smile

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As you wake to the morning sun and feel the day has just begun… A tear will fall from your loving eyes… As you remember the moments of pasting times… Never sad will you be because of all the love that you have seen…
This time this day im making my way Walking slow my stride emotions held inside From all the hurts I hear Only a smile can cure 
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, pleases let down your hair. Your beautiful but uptight, do not hold yourself captive up there, Your so smart, but oblivious,  Destined for something so... great, however unaware
I kept close watch of him barely through a keyhole, but just enough to see him grow. This way I could learn from him, see how life blooms in the dark. It must be done.
I see your smile From across the room or crowded bus It's all I can see From the crooked tooth three to the left Or the overly large rabbit chompers Right in the front I see your smile
There's a lot of things that makes me Smile, One thing that makes me smile is when I'm with my family,  when I'm with my family I feel as if nothing bad is happening in the world.
your smile could build gardens in my heart and pour gold into my eyes
My face is wet not from rain though. Wiping my eyes with a sleeve I pick up a guitar strumming a chord or two, grab some ink and paper and sing away the tears of stress betrayal
A smile is a curve That sets everything straight. A grin is how you know Today is worth the wait   Don’t cry because it’s over
Sunshine on a cloudy day Memories made with friends Interacting with my playful pup Laughs that push the gray away  Enriched by a smile that will never end. 
There is somthing about an infant's smile. That very first one that they've been working on a while. You start to realize the little things, and how those little things might be the big things.
smileing and tears are the same the sound of a tear drop falling to the ground  is a pictuer of a smile staring in to your soul but it all comes down to what other people want
All I need a smile, you see? Not just one but two or three. From the girl, the mother, the old man next door, The teacher, the student, the rich and poor, The first, the second, the third place too,
I write to clench The Beauty in the dreams.                                    where my foolish mind falls in love with the shunned light.   and when cradled The Beauty sucks!
She. She is the female form perfected in a single body; the most beautiful woman a man could see
People frown all the time, and I don't think that's okay. I wish that I could make them all smile. There has to be a way... Maybe I could sing a song, or I could play a drum.
a little black girl with her mother on the train so excited in telling her mother about her day in school as she got off she smiled at me i smiled back all it took was a smile
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