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I know America I can speak it But not sing it For I sing unusually In a separate language “Mi vida Americana”
Your job defines who you are.  Labels will be given to you- based on stereotypes about that job. What job you have could change who you are.  A garbage collecter may be bitter at the world
One job changes people  But yet it also gives chances. The chance to let the shy girl spread her wings To achieve the dream she clings Cling so tight the pencil is crushed beneath her hands
If you could only see all the dreams I’ve already given up on A love of learning, unfortunately can only take you so far That’s what I learned Without a place to call to call my own No house to call my home
This morning, today, and tonightI work my way to this career for tomorrowTo become a physical therapist when it is my time All the changes I've made from yesterday
As their day begins, mine is ending
Still looking for that first job That will get me in the door Waiting around, sitting on the bedroom floor Been looking for so long When will the search end?
We're in high school About to face these Harsh realities of life.   Debt, money, finances, We are not ready for this. We all have our dream job, Ready to surpass the stars,
I write because I need to expel the thousands of words waltzing in my head. I write because I have so many stories that are shouting to be read. I write because I am taken into a world where nothing is impossible.
I see them before me Eyes glued to me; Waiting. Waiting for me to tell them All that they need to know.   I just want to make them what I know they can be
Drinking her early morning coffee, she's off to her desk jobReaching a hand for a New York City taxi, she is Everything others want her to beA woman like her has always had a dream
Create the unheard Unleash the unknown Focus on the loved
I feel the soft fabric Between my fingers. Colors everywhere, Reds, greens, blues, Flowers, circles, trees, Patterns swirling around me. I smile and think How great it would be
A young women traveling round about Some called her lost, some a free spirit She never danced to the beat of another’s drum Many trials and failures, successes and triumphs Facing it all with weightless defiance
I have been to rugged beaches. Seen sand laden with tiny trences, Left by little fins. The ocean is a dangerous place, On land lurks the human race.
One job…may change my life. Though dreams and wishes abound, I wish to make them true. Within my mind lies an ocean of ideas and dreams. But is this to be where they stay?  
A Physician Assistant. All I want to be. My only Dream Help change the world little by little. Been my dream for years. My dream will become reality. It will be a new me
The One Job That Changes Lives I hear their feet Barely touching the ground, Along side white wooden fences
Powerful and mysterious, Intriguing and fascinating, Art captures beauty and provokes intense feelings Scooby Doo makes me laugh Kiki's first flight filled me with awe and wonderment.  
"Get a Job" "What do you want to do in the future?" "What do you want to be?" "Job security"   Fear is strong, But love is greater.   Job, Career, Work.  
Indead the fault is in the stars, that love can last even when death is at hand. It shows that love can reach its fars,
follow me I say find  yourself – be free   look around the world is here the world is now   yes this sun is the same as your sun but look more   it is bright
The beginning or the story starts dark, In a small tight space, and a hot wet place. Feelings of pain from her heart, i dont know why but i have always known this women from the start.
What do I want do when I grow up?A question most of us have heard.A question that seems simple on the ouside,But on the inside,It has a much bigger meaning."I wanna be a doctor!"
One job may change my life
Video Game Design Kary Dujuan Goff Jr.   Vision of change, which leads to success, I plan to get involved to, become the best.
The world is at his command He stands tall and proud. A kind voice rules the land He promised equality, In the world of his mind. The young idealist said Honesty, And Responsibility
My job is "student" for now, But soon I'll be able to say, "Wow, now that's a career! No more financial fear!" I'll be chasing my fortunes on the Dow.
As I gaze the empty space I see, buildings in form of words,
My dream job is to write, to create anything my heart and mind desires. I will create worlds, both beautiful and ugly, new and old, peaceful and dangerous.
I remember the day  When I knew what I wanted to be  I was so little  people were always saying  "you'll change your mind"  I was 4 and now I'm 17  and nothing has changed
Everywhere I look Death lurks Claiming victims all around me The struggle of survival isn't anything new Death is coming slowly With or without a plea   What if I could change all that?