Dream Opportunity of a Lifetime


Drinking her early morning coffee, she's off to her desk job
Reaching a hand for a New York City taxi, she is 
Everything others want her to be
A woman like her has always had a dream
Making a story, the creation of a tale to be legendary, it was.

Opportunity of a lifetime, as things go further a woman off to work
Promotion on her mind, a 
Promise from her boss at a major company. The CEO of the greatest with an
Oxford degree and shiny cars for days.
Riches upon riches
The exact thing she needs 
Understanding this isn't what she truly wanted 
Never really wanted a business degree
In truth, it was a writer's job she desired 
That was her dream
Young with time, she wrote novels upon series, the opprotunity of a life time.

Owned her life, she didn't want the boring desk job
Forget all the paperwork and numbers; she wanted a story 

A story to tell to the world; a story they loved, tales

Long told after she was gone, because 
It was a writer she wanted to be 
For the whole world to see what she did in her dreams. She wanted to 
Entertain them with just her simple words
To make them laugh and cry with her, 
Into their emotions they could reach with 
Make them imagine scenes only described in fairy tales.
Even if it was just a dream. 


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