A Dream Preferred

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 11:28 -- mTroy32


If you could only see all the dreams I’ve already given up on

A love of learning, unfortunately can only take you so far

That’s what I learned

Without a place to call to call my own

No house to call my home

Not even a car

I sometimes fear I will not make it to the stars

There are no bus stops to the moon

But it’s not my stop so I can’t get off here

I hope that I’ll reach Andromeda soon

Or at least Proxima Centauri

What I want isn’t much

Just much more than I’ve been given

Yet another sad story

Still physics books contain the hymnal of my religion

If I could just put on that pristine white lab coat

Smell the chemical clean of my laboratory

And if I am just allowed to have those dreams

Safely tucked into my lab coat

Then maybe they won’t fester

Or dry up or run

Maybe if I am allowed to dream

And stay on this bus I can reach them

It’s a bit heavy but I’ll carry this load

And I’m sure Mr. Hughes would agree with me

What a waste it would be if another explodes

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