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Listen, dear readers. My name is Hébert.Brierre, Vilaire, Césaire, Baudelaire,And I write sweetly inspiriting words,And about umpteen beautiful things.We find Lociano Benjamin and Victor Hugo
There's no worst enemy for an artist, than one's lack of abillity to do!  Waiting for one's muse is not the smartest. Sometimes, inspiration is a hard chew.   You must light the fire of passion yourself! 
The Tragedy of Muses   Nine muses given to us by the Gods, glorious daughters of Zeus and Memory Poets of the epic, sacred and love, historian, musician, tragedy, dance, comedian, and astronomer  
You're a dope ass individual, and you're Incredibly fuckng beautiful. Like... Everytime I see your face one any Social media platform, I'm jus like damn. How could God make 
No one told me that I would suffer for the muse.   I wake up; I think of her. I write; I think of her. I eat, drink, sleep; I think of her.   She never thinks of me.
Muses are supposed to be: soft, loving; passionate, burning;   But you are: lost, looking.   Your eyes are wide open, always searching; you see everything, but find nothing.
I've never been pretty.
I call on you, oh faithful Nine Of isle of myth of long ago. Would you please bless these words of mine So I can burst from head to tow With rhymes? I think that they should be Radiating then with glee!
Surroundings uninspiring—lost in a mind’s abyss,Euterpe distraught and limp.Notes tumbled from her flutetoo soft to echo, too lameto provoke a response.Only when sought her sisters’ help.
You inspire me I do not know who you are Or have the slightest clue  What you look like What you sound like What job you do But you keep me up late You fill my thoughts
You seduced me. Drew me in played me for the fool and I bit took the bait tried to dart away only driving the hook in deeper
Inspire me, inspire me. Aid me, wonderful muse. A love song, a horror story, cliffhanger, maybe? Anything at all, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
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