The Tragedy of Muses

The Tragedy of Muses


Nine muses given to us by the Gods, glorious daughters of Zeus and Memory

Poets of the epic, sacred and love, historian, musician, tragedy, dance, comedian, and astronomer


What if Clio, the muse of history decided she was done

No memory of events, repeat of past and evil actions soon to come


What if Calliope, the muse of epic poetry decided she was done

No poems for the planet to remember what we’ve done

What if Euterpe, the muse of music decided she was done

No melody of luxury, she left all songs unsung


What if Erato, the muse of love poetry decided she was done

No tales of lust, no love to spread, no hopeful lovers, relationships done


What if Urania the muse of astronomy decided she was done

Pollute the sky with smog and light, block the stars out at night


What if Polyhymnia, the muse of sacred poetry decided she was done

Nothing too sacred to believe, no poems to be done


What if Terpsichore, the muse of dance decided she was done

 It’s too late to celebrate the one’s that we once loved


What if Thalia, the muse of comedy decided she was done

We spread rumors through false humor, no platform left un-done


What if Melpomene, the muse of tragedy decided she was done

She saw all that had been done and didn’t like what the world had become


Muses unamused by the scourges of society

No need for bitter endings, no problems left unsolved


Change for the better, don’t pollute, spread rumors, or feel unloved

Stay crude and rude and you just may… face wrath of the Gods

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


Sam S

I love you poem! I like the "What if?" perspective you used and specifically the phrase "muses unamused by the scourges of society" because of the aliteration you used and almost-rhyme with the first two words of the phrase.

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