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Momma said there’d be days like these The sweat on your brow And the pain in your knees Momma said how the world can often be hard How the ones that you love Can leave you with scars
My mind is like a haunted mansion. It's beautiful and big, decorated elegantly.   But there's a hidden mystery. There are unwanted guests, who come and go as they please.  
I know what's wrong.  I'm so afraid to jump and fall My heart wants to jump She thinks it's worth it, she's been hurt but not enough. My mind sees the hurt and warns of the danger
Face plant off the third floor  The blood splatter paints a pretty picture of why he didn't matter And who's sadder the committer or his encouragers Such a shame he had no one around to feel his hurt 
Come on, go.Go. Don’t you knowthis can’t really harm you- I'm hereand you’re perfectly fit for things like this.No time to reminisceabout the solid groundyou’ll leave, then hit.
It's 2 a.m., on a cloudy night as the man trudges down the street. He looks at the ground, then over his shoulder as he stumbles over his feet.   In his hand, an almost-empty bottle of Jack
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
We both jumped. Before we even knew What we were jumping into Too eager to fall in love Without knowing what it feels like To love And to be loved   As we fell we learned
If I could change one aspect of me, It would certainly be to be free. I sprout some big wings, Get shoes with some springs, And take to the air like a bee.
You had me really scared and disappointed But we're passed that Our relationships got ups and downs Like the NASDAQ Late nights when no one else would You'd let me crash at The crib throwing fibs to those
  Streams of Memories   Just a feeble whisper of the wind in the serene air, A faint hint that something enchanted was about. Glimpsing at mountains standing strong and brave,
A mental breakdown is like a crack in the walls of the universe A quickly expanding hole That you didn't realize was there Until you felt the draft You felt the pain of the widening gap
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