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Perhaps for her, to be eternally chained in a dungeon would be better. She would know her place, and need not question her future. As his kajira, the object of his dreams she would be.
1865...a year of freedom Free at last! Free at last! I have a dream to be free From these cold chains of brass. Colored in bondage Bounded by ivory ignorance. Fighting for freedom is a crime
Working 9 to 5 on minimum wage, until old age. It's not about the money, honey. You don't fell brave, just like a slave, but you gave until you entered a maze. Confused and abused, you refuse to blow a fuse.
Monkey see monkey do, Monkey's gonna murder you. Monkey knows the way you sneak, Sees the company you keep. With a collar around her throat,  Monkey's gonna make you choke.  Monkey see monkey do,
The last of the warriors in me died today. They put up a good fight against fear, hate, and depression. But they threw their hands up in defeat today and the captain hung himself.
I stock shelves at a grocery market for money. It's what I do. Not who I am. But I saw some flowers sketched onto a can. It was a vine of flowers. Coiled around the "S" on the words "Green beans"
Home of the Brave? More like home of the slave. Slave to social media. Slave to materials. Slave to a glued to the wall redia. When will we go back to where things were physical
Hello So nice to meet you Before we begin, please allow me to introduce myself My name is Heroin Some people call me H  But I go by many names Doesn't matter what you call me
A 16 year old girl, innocently dancing to the music of love   BLANK   She awakes to feel her body ache
You took all my children from me and you whipped me. Your eyes filled with excitement, as I suffered. You shot my son and your wife's true lover.
"A fall from heights A stray dog bite's A single light A slave girl's right's  None of these matter  If there's no happy ever after But these thing we are And these things we were 
Whips. They’re flames of hatred about his body; cutting deep into the flesh and making him bleed.  
You may not know  But I can see
Smoking Cigs while listening to post-punk. What a way to die. Sipping poisonous punch, staring at neon stars, observing couples symblozing the synths Did I accept or reject the lie Honeslty I am not sure
Have you ever woke up and felt like you were dreaming? Like you couldn't get up? You were stuck?
We are trapped,  We are lost,  We need to get out,  But we do not know where we are, We are slaves to the rich,  Lets get on the piss,  Lets charge the gates of gold, Lets break te chains,
Sneakers, gym shoes, my father call them gymmies. Nikes, Jordans, Jays ; I love them Its funny;
Ask me who I  am. Ask me of my story Pretend you care about my life But ignore the scars on my body   I am but a shadow in the field Haunted by those bloody whips I fear
Harsh Whip Painful Obedience Rewarded Pleasure Consequences Incognizant Joy Abound Futile Resistance Lost Control Scarring Realization Reality Altered Desires Overwhelming
Steel ropes attached  to my limbs And twisted all ‘round me forced stagnant and Incommunicado by your hand
I arrived out of the dark night Runnin', runnin' Runnin' for my life, I saw left I saw right I forgot what was right Then I decided to go left Going left was going deaf
How can it be Someone like me So happy and free But don’t leave me be Alone at last Here comes the past All that’s suppressed Makes me depressed
Each key crafted from ivory Each separate, yet together they call for the touch of my finger Each note, all play a different part in making that sweet sound The keys ripple with each tap like a wave
This shadow covers me It's so dark They walk about I can't give up I'm deep in pain Screaming for help They are looking They don't care I am an animal I AM their joy But I need help
If I could see over this farmed hills, I wouldn't have to be afraid of life's thrills. I am here for you brother-man Here to lend a simple hand.
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