Life of A Black Slave


Constantly beating every day 
Waiting to be free one day 
I may not live to see another day 
I pray to God one day
To keep me safe from what whites say
But still I am beaten every day
Life should not be like this
Blacks and whites shouldn't have to use their fist
We are all humans
And live in the same world
We see each other struggle
Yet no one helps each other
Not a good life to live
Id rather die in hell than live this nightmare
Only if we saw no color things would be so much better
I pray to God that I live to see better days 
Even though Martin had a dream 
Things may not turn out as they seem 
Living life like this is not in my dream 
A dream to uphold and overcome
But In my head my dream began to run
Running down the field for freedom 
Just to get caught and beaten all over again
Fighting for my freedom and rights we do not have 
Hoping one day to live in a free world 
Hoping one day things will become right 
Leaving a Legacy for many to uphold
An a story to be read by many 
And told by none 

Signed the life of a black slave


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