wake up

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Open your eyes.long have they waited for you to wake.One hundred years ago, they saw light.Don't you think they deserve to again?  
My cries awoke me to harsh lights, unfamiliar hands, and cold Placed in my mom's arms, at peace, curled up and consoledRunning, and hiding, and balls flying, the world was mine, I was told
Working 9 to 5 on minimum wage, until old age. It's not about the money, honey. You don't fell brave, just like a slave, but you gave until you entered a maze. Confused and abused, you refuse to blow a fuse.
what is a beat   dusk to dawn   settled down influenced by the near uprising peaceful. safe. chained within
Distorted reality  Blinded by society  Waking up The sleeping souls Rising up Stop doing what you’re told Think for yourself  Don’t have to act like everyone else Freedom is yours
Dear School, I don’t remember what it’s like to be refreshed. To wake up in the morning with a smile on my face And a can-do attitude.  
It sucks to suck. It sucks we all suck. Suck it! I guess it's useless. There aren't many people who are a real. I ain't talking about a the trend of being real, I mean really real.
call me out of the shadows i call home call me out of this place that stripped me to the bone call me out of the burning fire of life call me away from the blade of a knife
Unforgiving, Torturing Things A dream Is just A wish Your heart makes. A silent Hope that Things will Get better. Love is just a dream
Wakey-wakey, get out of bed The sun is shinin' The dogs are barkin' But this pillow is a perfect fit, to cradle my head.   There are things to be done, Always things to be done.
Wet Noses. Sniff Sniff Slurp. Roll over. Wet Noses. Slurp Slurp. Open My eyes. Wet Noses and a Nudge. Slurp Sniff Slurp Slurp. Feet to the Floor. Bite Slurp Sniff Sniff.
Every morning, My alarm rings, I hit snooze, It rings again. My feet hit the floor, The sun is yet to rise, I stumble to get ready, Hating to open my eyes, I put on my suit and drive,
i am the burried treasure found centuries after being hidden away under blankets of rubble. my eyes decorated with rings of purple and blue from a soundless slumber, evidence of a sleep still needed to be had.
I need someone to hold me, To wrap their arms around me and  Squeeze the sorrow away   But I know I can't have that sometimes, And that's okay; It has to be    Release me from this anger,
On a good day: I wake up From a strange dream. Desperately replaying it in my mind, Over and over again, So as not to forget it, I feel Mom tickle my feet. "Wake up!" she says.
The Lonely Star Fear is Strong Although I know it to be Wrong I keep singing it's song But what is fear  That we might clear The painful sphere here  Fear is nothing more than a bad dream
It's light. /  I want to sleep. /  Close my eyes and count the sheep. /  The sun is up, / But my mind is not. / Slip off the covers, / The coffee steams hot. /  I take a sip, /
I walk through my life Seeing myself from an outside view I see the people Sleep walking with everything to lose I scream and I yell Trying to wake even just one of them But they continue
WE DO NOT BEGIN AS POLICE PROPERTY, to be freed or detained based on some guy’s mood or feeling.” he wrote..... We are not theirs... We are not of their descent. Their hair. Their skin... We are not theirs  
Corruption uses those faces Beautiful faces Have control in reality and illusion Spawning death everywhere   We need those pretty faces That inspire and hypnotize
Suppression is the repression of depression and you are a part of their pill,
I have awoken From the slumber that has Trapped the billions. Enlightened - by chance - Seeing what they do not, Feeling what they ought to,
why go out drinking? some say, "why not?" No more toys, no more crayons. These kids want shots, shots, shots.  Glasses, bottles, kegs, why not?  Now you're behind the wheel. Now you're in front of the cops. 
It's not just one time. I know because you've said that before "It's just one drink." "It's just one hit." "I promise, I could quit." It's not fine! So wake up!
Driving the car got a text from a friends asking "where you at" I look down at my phone the next the thing I knew I hit a boy crossing the street OH NO HE'S Dead Now spending 50 years in jail
Life is dictated in Time's court So fuck around all you want Time will come and strip your selfishly selfless conceited joys Gavel slammed to a sentence of eternal damnation You to an eternity of never ending
RING! RING! Click! A text came through It reads "WHR R U?" Not parked, moving motion CRASH! SLAM! SCREECH! What's the commotion? Three spins and a twist your wrapped around a pole
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