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As you walk down the street Women, girls stop to Look you up and down To give you jealous looks And you can see in their faces That they are judging you How silly of them 
Land of the free Home of the brave Cruel individuals litter the streets With their lies and sneers When will people be genuine again? America is filled with cheaters and liars
It is just me and you, In this mini colloseum, Watching these amateur singers perform Crowded though it is, Smokers though we all are, In the fading light of a day gone by,
I bear on my shouldersThe weight of a thousand crowsWith their weight, they just watch and waitEvery second, every dayHoping for me to fall downSo I can feel my bodyAs it rots in their dirty mouths
Why are there so many things in this world to worry about? Why do I wait and wander in my worries when I could be doing something fun  like making babies or going on journeys? Why is the world so mean?
How about we play a game I made it up just for you We'll all run away And you'll be the big scary monster We'll ignore you, avoid you
We live in a world today with every which way to communicate, yet you can't relay a simple hey, which utterly just makes you fake. Why even try?
The most stupid thing ive ever seen People acting rude and mean Looking for happiness in other people's sorrow I hope that this will change tomorrow  
What do folks mean. When they say; I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK? Was it ever gone? Where did it go? Can we make time. Go back? ~ Ricardo
With nothing left to do or say, I turn around and walk away. I feel their eyes as they glare at me, they must not get my misery. They've never wanted to be my friend, so what would make them try and pretend?
I see sadness around me.                                                            
I don't want to tell you how much you mean Meant Mean Meant Mean Median  Mode To me.  I wish to not reveal how lost I become around Within
I am a spicy fabric! I do not stick to the skin I do not sweat And who are you to say I am a ditz to be amazed at life’s simple pleasures? You always like to rain on my parade
You cut into my skin Whether you know it or not You don't think it a sin I'm just an afterthought   My troubles you laugh at And you say they don't exist Somehow it's just that
Even the darkest of nights see the sun on the horizon. Even the meanest of craetures admire the butterflies. Even the dark side of the moon sees the stars shining bright.
People walk around as they laugh as the others stand in alone as if a polygraph test that the "others" takes blinks and beeps, people not knowing how the "others" weeps behind weak doors that hold back
Walking the halls Is harder than you think Losing friends Can happen in a blink   Having stress And feeling depressed Are all the things I'm trying to express  
Waves crash against the shore, A storm is on its way. I cling to my desk in a bitter hope That it will all pass over me.   But as they walk by, Their lightning strikes— Cold, hard stares
Is all you care about is your health ? If you're healthy, then we are? Is it because im black you think im dumb?
I care not for how smart you say I am,Nor for a grades on my report card.Why waste time doing what I know I can?Schooling should never be thought of as hard... Our grades should not be what sets the bars.A's should not mean just memorization,B'a s
Teachers should be our friends.   We should look up to them,  Envy them, Respect them, And most importantly we should listen to them.   What is so hard about that?  
Like December, Like tomorrow's coming down, Shaking snowflakes to the ground, While you're waiting in bed some more, Cuz in November you were falling all around, Leaves of every color now,
My heart has become concave do you not see the mess youve made? by telling children how to behave by telling children they arent great be it by default or by defame you supress us you are the bullies
  They don't understand. The more they put me down , the more I feel like hurting myself.
I shouldnt be here not at all Well thats what they say in the halls Thier hair in high blond ponytails A stain on their high price skirt?! We all here them whail  They play all the cool sports 
Frigid, and hard as stone.   Still, and unbeating.   Can this heart possibly feel love?   I think not...   Arrogant, and aloof.
She watched her king walk away, Leaving her all alone now everyday, Just left her standing by the queen, Her broken life now everyone has seen, She was all alone in the palace,
You were just "clowning around" But it wasn't funny, I felt anything but safe and sound. I dreaded class I feared the slimey words that you would spew, The words that confirmed that you were a stupid ass
one is mean mean thoughts mean actions actions are taken taken far too far that is above and beyond lost are one thoughts thoughts that are within within one's mind
The Bell Rings The bell rings We take our seats And care not for beings Who we can beat
We are equal, can't you see? There's no need for you to be mean, or downgrade me. I never did anything to you, you won't talk to me, but i'll listen to you. I would give you a hand to hold,
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