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Dear girl Woman I know I can’t Her? But you’re a - Dear Woman, beautiful, beautiful Woman
Soft peach cheeks Fat and lovely sweet; my babygirl Her voice is soothing and deep Like the ocean’s waves She is a caterpillar
Girls like her were landmines. She was so beautiful, yet so dangerous to look at Like an eclipse, if you stared too long she'd ruin your eyes. If I stared too long someone would notice
I'm writing even though I have a fuck ton of homework to do. I can't help it, she is stuck on my mind. So let me tell you about the girl who doesn't let me eat out of tupaware, to her the food is prepared and plated with love.
There’s a Lily slowly growing, At first she didn’t know what she was... She thought she was born to be a Rose.   The Lily was wrong, She was always told, that she was a Rose...,
Dear mom, I am sorry for what I have put you through. For not being your ideal daughter. For not fulfilling what is asked of me As a white, American girl.
As the scorching sun highlighted through her dirty blonde locks, the scent of sweet peaches filled the surrounding air around us. Her skin as clear as the summer days, soft as a satin sheet; it filled my eyes with such brightness.
It's true when they say you never know what you got til it's gone, I never knew what entered my life, I didn't realize until the day I thought about you actually being my wife,
Don’t put me in your box ‘Cause I’ll burst out toward the skies All the edges and cardboard walls Can’t hide my unprejudiced eyes.   Been hiding from the world Been hiding from myself
I think I was about seven when I learned to word gay. We were driving up to my grandparents driveway
Who are we? We, who razed down walls that kept us hidden, Spoke firm words that altered the face of the nation, We who stood up for equality in an unfair society. We are women.
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