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These Days I Hear... Opinions... From Lots of Adult CHILDREN... !?! About How Their Lives... Have A UNIQUE Definition... !!!
ec·stat·ic (adj.) Happiness overwhelming, the excitement overtakes you.   Bliss comes in waves, and your mother jumps for joy at your A+ that she promptly sticks on the refrigerator door.  
Love (noun)-warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion This is my favorite definition of love that Merriam-Webster provides Of course It’s not the only one
It's 7 in the morning I'm off to my first place of learning Imaginative Writing When suddenly The lady whom I've given the best 3 years of existnece to 
〰 I Am that Real 〰 I am the element in the steel of these heels; the strength in this metal when it's chilled. A woman with so much determination and will, because titanium flows freely through my organs and cells.
I wanted to be a chef cooking in the kitchen With a family full of poets though I had to follow tradition Following tradition does not mean I am not different Poetry for them was a hobby it's my reason for existing
/Ai/ pro. First person singular personal pronoun. Used to refer to oneself in Modern English.
  Where our voice cannot reach Poetry is the bridgework We write what we cannot say out loud And our voices are deafening  
I am not now, nor will I ever beDefined by misconceptions others have of me.But rather by my actions to those that bring no gain,How much more so to those that caused me pain. I am not now, nor have I ever beenDefined simply by the number of those
Who am I? possibly the hardest question because there are infinitely many answers answers that may contradict because I am not simple then I realize I am not an answer there shouldn't be a question, "Who am I?"
To define means to give the exact meaning or to be in perfect cla
me: used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition
What Am I? What am I but an ordinary person Riding on the ever-so fast, Yet ever-so slow river of Time?
I was an accident. Definition: Simple as that. The day I came knocking on my mother's womb door, everything changed from party college life to adulthood.   I was rasised by hard workers.
Type. Just type. My fingers dangle above the keyboard, Splashing each word, verb, sentence- That comes to mind.  The words are like snow to me: Soft, Delicate, And pure. 
The dictionary's definition of flawless is without imperfections - perfect. That's a lot to live up to but that's the dictionary's definition. My definition of flawless is someone who tries so hard and never gives up.
The jar s
We start our lessons before we can speak They want us to walk while our legs are too weak We find strengh with age and stand on our own  We say a few words amongst the dribble and groans
You struggling to get to college , you try to fill out all the scholarships that you can    You get tired and drained from all the work you have done  
  What is a Man? One who sheds no tears Who drinks all day and night, with vessels flooded with beer.   What is a Man? One who has no goals, makes his conscience dissolve,
What is hope Is it the illogical sense of knowing everything will be alright? Is it stupid Is it smart   What is hope Is it wishing something that you want comes true? Is it selfish
1. Inside something: the coldness within her heart the multitude of thoughts within her head saying she’s not worth living within her wrecked, smashed, bleeding body.
  It is hard to define                         Perfection Still, society struggles to be the reflection             Perfection
I am not a single word, nor a single thought.
Love is a question mark that hangs above my head, It is like a butterfly that takes the risk of being dead, Love can be the root to many other emotions, Like despair which is as treacherous as all of the oceans.
When I was little, I thought I had the whole world to myself. My selfish desires transpired into a song I felt everyone needed to hear. A song that sings millions Though words are mute But to me,
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