When I Was Little

When I was little,
I thought I had the whole world to myself.
My selfish desires transpired into a song
I felt everyone needed to hear.
A song that sings millions
Though words are mute
But to me,
The world was deaf.

When I was little,
I would watch the time
Fly by
Tick tock, tick—
Talking to myself about the ways
That one day, I could change the world.

When I was little,
Instead the world changed me.
Society would lie to me
And try to mask my plea
Of being who I was,
Being who I am,
Being who I will be
Because they thought they had the authority.

When I was little,
People clothed me in invisible garments
Of don’ts and can’ts
From my shirt to my pants.
I looked in the mirror at my reflection
And saw no direction
But a collection of names
Etched on my face; but the skin-tone ink
Could never be erased.

When I was little,
I thought that our past mistakes
Dictated the choices we’d make,
My world was shaking
Violently at sight of losing myself
And gaining the world.

But now that I’m older,
I’ve learned that the scars of enmity
That marred my serenity
No longer are the factors
That define my identity.
Who I was, who I am, who I will be
Will forever be

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