Love gone wrong

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I put the bottles to my lips hoping to drown myself from the sadness. Never realizing how toxic these bottles really are for me. Drowning myself from the toxicity of you.
The scars he left behind the first second he hurt you are there. The scars he left behind with every word, hit, and emotions are there.
The salt running down your face shouldn’t be there. The warm then cold wetness shining your cheeks. The trail of liquid behind as you feel your heart break a little inside.
  I wish someone told me that heartbreak isn’t easy to get through. I wish someone told me that everything in your life leads up to something.
Stop, get out of my thoughts. Get out of my mind. I pushed you out for a reason. I block your name out at the thought. I still can’t help but flinch when I hear your name.
The night you put your hands on me, I knew I was not a kid anymore. All of the fights and arguments ringing through my ears. The stinging of your hands against my skin. The bruises and pain left behind.
You were so good to me Spiriytus. You whispered to me “Go ahead you can do it,” To tell her how I feel Oh, how I loved her. How I loved you. We would talk for hours her and I.
I love you with everything I have, you make me smile.          You                 t                              ake                         everything I  a              m. You make me feel so in love, so beautiful.
You called me up And you sounded like you've been crying for days You said we needed to talk And I decided I would give it a try.
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