A Dead Man's Tale



You were so good to me Spiriytus.

You whispered to me “Go ahead you can do it,”

To tell her how I feel

Oh, how I loved her.

How I loved you.

We would talk for hours her and I.

But the love between us disappeared

One dreadful day after a night out with you

She asked me “Either me or Spiriy?”

She cried out when I chose you

Now two years later I lay here thinking

I left her for you my dear Spiriytus.

And you do nothing for me.

I hate that I loved you so

I hate that I want you

I hate that I need you

She is now happy and married

And I am six feet under.

She didn’t come to my funeral

You didn’t come either.

You killed me Spiriy

Oh, how unnatural the love for you was Spiriytus.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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