Hands on Me

The night you put your hands on me,

I knew I was not a kid anymore.

All of the fights and arguments ringing through my ears.

The stinging of your hands against my skin.

The bruises and pain left behind.

Looking at myself in the mirror, seeing the hallowedness you left behind.

Being with you was my kryptonite.

Little did I know it would drain me of life.

My parents did not recognize me.

My family did not recognize me.

My friends did not recognize me.

I did not even recognize me.

Never again will I let you hurt me

Never again will I fall for that pain, cruel punishment.

I realized I was not longer a kid when I stood up to you and told you to leave.

Slamming the door in your face, making sure you never came back.

From that moment on, I knew.

This was an Adults world, and I was a part of it.

I know how to be loved.

I know how to be treated.

I know how to care.

I know how to look at myself in the mirror and love myself.

Thanks to you.

You changed me for the worst while we were together.

Now that we are no more, I am way better than I was before.

Thank you for everything you did.

I shall no longer let it ruin me.

This is my goodbye to my youth.

Hello to my adult life and lessons.

Prospering on is what I do best, and that is just what I do...

Without you.


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