The salt running down your face shouldn’t be there.

The warm then cold wetness shining your cheeks.

The trail of liquid behind as you feel your heart break a little inside.

The feeling of your chest beating so fast it hurts to breathe.

You’re looking around feeling alone.

Even when you’re not alone.

The salt trailing down to your neck.

Slowly falling into your chest as the mark gets bigger and bigger.

The salt wetting more and then it begins to taste bitter.

Running down your face and onto your lip.

Tasting as if you dropped the whole bottle onto your lips.

Feeling the saltiness hit the back of your throat.

Only to let out a sob as you feel your throat tighten.

Not being able to say a single word as you sit there and feel warmth.

Trailing down your cheeks until the salt comes without a blink.

Eventually the salt will stop trailing own your cheeks.

The warmth to cold will begin to go away.

The wetness on your cheek will cease.

You’ll feel your throat begin to open as you can breathe.

Your daily dose of salt will be complete.

All because of the mental repeat as you lay there.. Just feeling defeat.

Then you get up and repeat your day until you never feel complete again.

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