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Amidst the turmoilmy heart shines.It is a beacon of hopefor youa symbol of my resilience
      Every dayEvery momentEvery time I look in the mirror I see a facedefeatedwhen I should see a facewar torn and victorious  
“I think deep insideeveryone hears a voice, some of us hear many… whether they admit it or not.”  I’ll be your constant reminder,  I’m stuck to you like glue,  And I’ll always be the broken child  
i am a fragile bird my wings too frail to fly the bones in my ribcage snapped spinal cord severed this cage around me is not metal, yet made of bone
heres to you i can pretend that i am not lying here heart broken that im not listening to music on repeat and sobbing into my blankets i can pretend it doesnt hurt
I am a vessel of veins and bones, a tumor of love that'll destroy any worth you give to me. Teeth like knifes that'll cut through any truth that you may believe. Call me baby, choke the life out of me until I feel alive.
My face, is just a face, You can’t say you know me  after just one glimpse.   My face, is just a face, The smile I wear 
I’m unsure of who I am, I’m unsure of my identity. I’m unsure of my sexuality, I’m unsure of who I want to be.  I’m unsure if I even want to live, I’m unsure of my religious beliefs.
Where has it gone? the time when  Happiness was a a light inside  the soul? It has been so long  since these were felt. All that remains  is a vacancy sign; flashing to a highway 
Here is a quick poem about emotions. Why the fuck do they exist? I feel so much at once and I want to end it.  Can I end it? Not just the emotions but my whole life? I feel so pathetic even talking about this strife
Tempest resolve within me,Cursing these waters with intrusive collision.Meeting crest by crest with defiance.Clamor and upheaval, I dwindle away;The saline waters eroding this fleshy vessel.
Living like this is hard Like im tryin to find my way in the dark Having this is worse then u can imagine When i loss control who knows wat will happen Walking on the boarderline while tryin to figure out who iam
chapter two: mario kart 8   my mother said goodbye to me and walked out ahead of my father. i suppose she couldn't handle seeing how easily i was able to belong and blend
incoming message from: depression   it seems i lose all ability to see clearly when it comes to you.  
It should just roll off the tongue, right? It should jsut come natural. But not always. Almost never.   It likes to get stuck between your teeth, Or roll over once, twice, three times more.
i'm emptyfor a minuteit doesn't hurt anymoresomething to take my pain awayfor a few minutesit feels goodi've adapted to the pain mysuffering is not that badbut the doctors 
what’s that? oh, it was just the cat she was clueless   what’s on your wrist? oh, it’s just a scratch i was working outside
Has vanished without a trace, leaving me barren. Mayhaps it found a better place, Somebody who wants it.                                                                     I
I love my friends. They're always there for me when I need them,          A fucking lie; they're useless,                   terribly frivolous rats, who never stop to consider-- 
You see, attention does not equal love, but my brain just can't seem to get that.   When I'm not what's in your mouth or hands or eyes, I rot.   I count up
i am not inspired rather discouraged because i see words honest and true and i look at mine my ambigious words and try hard metaphors and i see nothing but desperate attempts to be profound
I am a girl who calls herself caring and insightful but feels stupid and over emotional. Everyone says your disorder doesn’t affect your personality but what about when you have a personality disorder?  
Oxytocin rushing through lovely veins.Oh, how dreadful--She fell for it again!Fear not, my child, you can dance in the chains;I see desperation scrawled on your skin.There's more than misfortune in those eyes,
The depravity sinks into her skin,Hope dissolving into trepidationAbandoned, the consequence of her sinHope dissolving into trepidation,Remnants of love, macabre dance 'round her head
It is a dense fog As thick as pea soup Struggling to suffocate me Eyes unable to see mere inches ahead   It is a storm cloud overhead  Ominous and dark Filled with rain about to drown me
The moon is a symbolDespite the darkness, somewhere out there is our source of light
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