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the words written on a page are symbols strewn about destined one day to fade and disappear without a sound perhaps no one will read these words
Read me aloudFeel the familiar sensation of words often saidAnd bring me to life We living things Like to scream into a voidCold and careless to our concernsWe yell not to be heard
we are the children born of machinery. conrete goliaths, strobe street lights dimly lighting a path never walked down dark, vacant streets that bend and curl into oblivion   ni de aquí, ni de allá  
the road of failure is painted in the color of hope and leads to the jagged cliff where my dreams jumped.   the road back home is brightly lit and leads to a state of
So silent, yet so alive.  Pitch black is the night, with flickers of stars illuminating the heavens.  Neighbor's dim their lights to slumber, yet their aura manifests their presence as a continuity. 
So silent, yet so alive.  Pitch black is the night, with flickers of stars illuminating the heavens.  Neighbor's dim their lights to slumber, yet their aura manifests their presence as a continuity. 
in a harsh dark world, stained red where screams of terror are on repeat in your head maybe all is lost to hatred and fear but please wait one minute my dear   the stillness inside everything
Write what you know, they say. Write what you know. What do I know? I don't know how to trust (you can thank my dad for that) I don't know how to seperate dreams from reality
Colors. Fears. Doubts. Painting the canvas of reality With obscure shadows, Scavenging through heaps of Meaninglessness To catch a glimpse of
Sometimes I wonder Why is the sky so blue? It all just fades to grey  When the storm becomes new   And if emotions run deep Would they scar visibly? It must not be, 
Uneventful brain canvass leaves much to be desired.Ancient wisdoms, science laws I've struggled to acquireFrom the corner of my eye they sink into the mirethat stagnant swamp that's left behind when big souls lose their fire.
All things without reference vanish to the undiscovered country from which none have yet returned. Those whom fortune neither kissed nor cursed,
The cliff hazy in the distance, veiled by an insubstantial fog. Surreal mysterious and dreamlike. is it real?   A moon invisible,
I am… not someone to be understood, an anomaly amid this universal locus. Escape through a dark window, a reflection of the world I’m within is in and out of focus
Who am I? Well to answer your question I must first answer the question of what I am not
This Isn't Supposed To Make Sense. 
I look around. I look up and down. Everything I see Is filled with complexity. It is in both you and me.   Around me I see a sea of majesty. So calm it is.
no soul in east williamsburg thinking about something other than walk my baby to school today, pour me a cup of iced coffee and put the lid on, someone spare me some change for a metrocard,
Only upon the acceptanceo f our own mortality are we simultaneously invincible and vulnerable, immeasurable and finite.
These humble teeth and tongue clatter in vain to articulate the fascination, inspiration, and empowerment I derive endlessly from my own mortality, unable to comprehend this yet personal and
Looking thru you to  tomorrows i didn’t even know existed -
  I feel like I’m one dimensional I feel like I’m the only one who sees how I see I feel like the harder I try to be exceptional The more flaws are pointed out to me   I’m scared of what’s ahead
I sit inthe dark of my roomand contemplateall the thoughtsof you they are sunlightgold and earth-warmgone coldin my arms and inmy mind’s eye
I left it waiting on a front porchthat belongs to no one. I left it hanging from the walls,on an empty house. I left it burned beneath pages of papersthat have disappeared.
I don’t want to do life today So I think I’ll just lie here I’ll be a Neo-Nietzsche Since life won’t do me either   What good is a body That only sees despair It’s not white or phallic
Tossed out of the ocean I’m gasping God take me back This agony is everlasting g Deaths cold fingertips Tantalize and twist
Instantaneously extrapolating infinitude summation of the single orb, derived of nether region, misty and cloud laden which sits on high.
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