I left it waiting on a front porch
that belongs to no one.

I left it hanging from the walls,
on an empty house.

I left it burned beneath pages of papers
that have disappeared.

I left it standing, crooked and stuck on a mantel
that hasn’t been dusted.

I left it between the folds, the creases, the wrinkles of clothes
that do not fit anyone.

I left it smoking on a grill,
untouched and unlit, propane on the other side.

I left it hidden under my bed
where even monsters wouldn’t lurk.

I left it on the crevices of the earth.

I left it shining brightly behind stars and constellations and beyond.

I left it in the gaps of the universe, the spaces in time.

I left it
scattered in all the winds,
smashed in the atmosphere,
sprinkled on the ground,
splashed in all the waters.

I left it
in places
that do not



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