I Am... What My Mirror Sees

Who am I?

Well to answer your question

I must first answer the question of what I am not

And what I am not is not what you think.


I am not one word but a chaotic collage of every word I have ever heard

Run through crowded school hallways

That I have spent too much of my young life in.

I am not here nor there, but in the frightening land of In-Between where


I am not ugly

I am not beautiful

I am not stupid

I am not smart


And suddenly

Everything I am not defines everything that I am

Because everything that I am is a twisted reflection of everything

I have seen.


I am the darkness inside the Monsters

Under my bed

And the kindness of

An Angel's touch.


I am a broken mirror where the cracks

Lie not in my glass,

But in the images that this World

wishes me to have.


Who am I, you ask?

I am a mirror

And so are you.


So let's dust off our frames

And build a new wall to hang on,

Because we are what we see

And what we see is terribly wrong.





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Our world
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