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To make happiness soup you need a pot seasoned with care,  And begin with a quart of smiles, now you're ready to prepare.  To start add a cup of hope and a dash of confidence,
I found a flower on the ground today. It was purple- an artist would go as far as to call it lilacand I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
Humble student chef Knowledge is the sauce of life Books taught him both loves  
Taking a day's anxiety and turning it into a burning desire by walking into a kitchen and make a flambe with fire.   Turning a day of self doubt into an impeccible entree,
You were a terrible friend. Words really cannot express how unpleasant it was to be friends with you.
It is time to begin my day the sun is out and says "Hooray!" I drag myself out of bed I yawn and scratch my head. Then I can hear the oven humming and down the stairs I come running.
To create something from nothing, Is a skill that I hold, A master chef I will be, Or so I am told, If I were to be left with nothing, I would not want to forget, My extreme love for cooking,
Cooking everyday Food made with heart And filled with love Here I am With my knife Slicing with ease Dicing, mincing, with my blade singing Making beautiful works of art So delicate
At last!  You all have stopped talking.
it's your long, gray braid that i love the most. a wisp of wisdom cascading down your back, never tangled, whispers hymns through all the madness. crumbs of noodles and rice spill from it while you walk,
Cooking poetry and the words bubble over like soup frothy broth sweeping the sides of the pot
It all begun as soon as I walked into that place, Many standing beside me, I certainly was not just another lonely face. I turned and looked around, noticing my heart beating out of my chest,
The soul rings and shakes in joy everytime, Intitates the keys that plays on the organ, Not noise, but sounds of praise, Great is the grace you have given this life that is not my own,
Raw ingrsdients Turned into art I love the sound
One day I will be that A chef One day I'll make it Big   One day I'll go to culinay school One day I'll get my degree   All it takes is one One day
Sift materialistic desires (just like Mom said)Crack open sense of satisfaction (probably out of boredom)Mix with free flowing ambitions (but try not to make a mess)
First, bring up the sun. Let it stand for two to three hours before moving on. Once your earth is thoroughly warmed, Go ahead and grow some grass, paying extra attention to its' color and softness.
melting his favorite hershey kiss chocolate on top of the radiator he was "cooking" as per say he ironed his favorite angry bird t-shirt at the age of eight iron burns on his wrist and hand scars, scars
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