Baking Love

Cooking poetry and the words bubble over like soup

frothy broth sweeping the sides of the pot

and cashews clinking in a red glass bowl

Like the time I lifted oatmeal by the lid

and the wheat cascaded in a whipping whirl across

the cold kitchen tiles


Little dried cranberries pulsing in my hand like hearts and

cinnamon dust

The soft, floaty air of doughnut fluff and the crispy

sweet bite-snap of burnt marshmallow crust


Brush back your bangs and consecrate your

forehead with flour

The tickling in your stomach as the steam bursts like

dragon’s breath in your face before slamming the lid

back down with a crash and clang


Or when I dropped

hot castiron with bare hands

and shoved sugar into the crumbling batter

because I’d forgotten to stir it in the cake


Let the kettle blow!

Throw sea salt over your left shoulder and see the wave of crystals break on the shore

Diamonds and quartz molded from melted sugar and

Vibrant hues


Cookie crumbs stuck between my toes

Mishap and mayhem and fuses blown

The timer ticking its same old song


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