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I reluctantly set my day in motion; A pest dawdles within my psyche; Insignificant is the pain that alerts my being- It's one I've known of for months; The significance, unbeknownst to me
“You see I haven’t a clue. For a rabbit, that’s nothing new. It’s plainly clear In here, my dear, We’re crazy, but how do you do?  
Why beg and plead  for someone else When they can do Something about it.
The turn, the spin, the rotation of the continents, latitude, degrees, and dizzyness. Dizzyness. Then it stops by your finger, but your finger is landed upon an
Tick Tock   The clock above our old TV tormented me, it’s red numbers screaming distress every time they blinked   Where is he?  
I've been out way too late with you Watching stars. You make me feel just enough You're good at keeping me where I'm at. What a thing we've become, you never know what's coming next.
I'm not what they think I am
Everyone around me is so happy,I smile with them
  After we done she clap for me bravo,
gently drifting alond with this cool winter breze  she stands as a statue sweater sleaves covering her flushed, frozen face tears turning to solid ice in her eyes before they could escape
Goodnight my loves Goodnight for long To God I hope I'll see you all To God I'll pray "let me see another day" To God I hope that the sun will rise and the moon shall fall And I will be there to experience it all
Y am i always late with television shows? & why do I always stall when watching stuff online? #alwayslate #always missing out @me why do I do this? ---I don't schedule any time to play.
“Stir yourself! Awake! Arise! Blissful slumbers, fall away! Cast old Nocturne from your eyes, ‘Tis the brink of glorious Day!”   This is what my Mother speaks,
It started with a sharp point and a pink ball on the other side. My thoughts wonder wonderously as the minute hand laps the hour hand. As my heart synced with the clicking of the clock's minutes so did my hand to my heart and mind.
Student: Thump, tap, scratch, groan,                 Clock sounding ticking tock ticking.                 Sigh, glance, slouch, count,                 Steps and monotonous lectures.
The bell rings and all is in a hurry Halls begin to crowd and students begin to worry For an invisible timer has started to tick And it was time to get to class quick My heart begins to rapidly beat
I'll get to class soon. The hall is too damn busy. No. Don't write me up.
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