Wed, 04/09/2014 - 22:25 -- nikola

After we done she clap for me bravo,

 her mind is the drink and her body is the bottle

 looking like my girl got the body of a model

 but she gets stuck and she forgets to swallow

 she be looking good looking like some other thing

 acting like my girl but I'm calling her my summer fling

 saying she's the best but I've seen better

 she calling me Niagara cuz I’m a make it wetter

beauty is the sign and loving is the option

 my wallet  on a diet, but I’m a shopping

go and get feelings try and buy her love

 tell her I'm the best and there is no one above

 she got me on a leash but I call it a string

 our bodies are in sync and I make her body sing

 she calling for my name and her friend be always crying

 when she says she's with that friend to you  she's always lying…



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