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Some dictionaries define homophobia as fear of, dislike of or prejudice against homosexuals But many people have different perceptions of homophobia that do not make sense
To Those Who Think They Know, Everybody has secrets,So does The GirlTo Those Who Think They Know, but really don’t,The Girl holds her secrets within the cage that is her chestThey don’t see themBecause they only skim its gilded surface, blind to t
In a graveyard, you’ll find there’s a girl. An angel from another world. She built her walls, she made her stone, the concrete angel had a home-
"But you're so nice" "but you get good grades" Me being nice doesn't stop me from wanting to kill myself everyday
Who am I? The seventeen year old, who walks all over town, becuase she can't drive. I work at least twenty hours a week, Just to pay for AP classes.  To some, I'm simply that.  A hardworker.
Whoa, that man have caught my eye My perceptions far on edge   I wonder why Who could he be?   An abuser came straight from hell To beat up on little ole me?  
I walk into school
A question asked of me, Flying or invisibility? Answers rang out, invisibility, no doubt! I shook my head, For I knew better. It doesnt take magic, It doesn't take powder.
 Let go of your perceptionsthey are all wrong
An artist’s mind is often swallowed by indigenous thoughts. Trying to balance ones conceptions on a fine thread.
Try, you hear.  Because honestly, no matter how you were before this crept upon you, now ‘you’ is all you can think of.  Try, because that’s the best way to combat, because that’s what you should do! You know this, of course you do.  You know much
(poems go here) As I sit here in this desk, I wonder will I ever be used again. Will I be used as an example to keep this Negro pushing?
Your stolid expression Gazes over me like the sun. I felt the heat of your eyes--- Which penetrate into the deepest parts of my soul, Tearing though flesh and The carefully constructed walls of my heart.
A florescent lamp scintillating A multi- coloured butterfly- Supposed to be in an insectarium lay there, on a writer’s table; Flipped one wing frailly; but sadly, eventually died
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