Donor Guy

Whoa, that man have caught my eye

My perceptions far on edge


I wonder why

Who could he be?


An abuser came straight from hell

To beat up on little ole me?


Maybe a knight who is strong

And tall in silver, dimmed armor


His deep, succulent dark skin

 Moist with greedy anticipation


Maybe today I will become his next victim

 In an castigational way


I sense formal beginnings

 With a tinge of vauge dishonesty


My killer sent my way

Focused on strangling away my youth


Burying me with his might

My very soul gone dismissed into the abyss

some may summon into dreaded love


Perhaps, he is the new carrier of HIV

Wanting to share one night out with me


Or maybe, just maybe, he's some cool guy

With openings of shows my life never knew


Could, oh, could it be true?


I wonder.


I question his interest


....................They seem to pile up


He calls it my attraction


I entice him

An appeal he cannot get away


Like a moth to a flower’s flame

Honey to a bee


I bewitch him…


I want to jump in

But, I know if I shall lose


The lost will be a sore grander than the sea


I remember when our eyes first met

I was not looking my best


My day had been overwhelmed with tears

Discharge and talked down to


My eyes bulged from outside of my head

Fine was the word I could tell to anyone who would listen


As eyes to eyes meet

A shimmer of hope grew

When your aura beckon me to your side


I was set in retreat

But you found me on my feet

Back turned and unaware


I turned

We spoke

I was spooked


Words had become lost inside of my tongue

Coherent messages sending waves of heat down my body

As she swayed from left to right

Hether and thether


We made sounds as out lips clicked at the roofing of our mouths

All this, in just a wave of ecstasy

A spilt second of uncertainty


My mother is the gatekeeper

Of all of her men’s trajectory


She, a victim smothered by her own demise

Dismissing every cautionary tale

to the wind


Declaring vain sanity


Her, jumping into the deep end of the pool

left with half-marked worth

Murky delusions sit listless


There is no one to acquire counsel

Better yet, I work on my own


Advice is for bubble gummed wrappers kid

Not for one that has seen

What happens when a relationship goes awry


First hand-Second hand

My own first encounter bludgeoned.


A debacle I would rather not entertain

And yet memory swerves me as a reminder


A guy I had known for a disastrous week


His face revealing a positive reading of

Possession and jealousy


The first signs of trouble

If trouble may arise, darling


I might not win

My frail disposition up agasint your goliath frame

One, my David surely cannot defeat


So I shall proceed with caution


I’ll just wait, I’ll watch Mr. Donor guy

Until we meet again

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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