Lambs thrown to lions

not yet taught how to run--

stumble and yelp with hopes set to the sun.

Although all are loved ones, some are left behind the crowd

don't take time to mourne for they're but a memory now.

where exactly were we running?

what did we yearn to find?

so eager to get there.

so wasteful with time.

Some scatter one way,

some go the other,

paths parallel

no matter how close -- will never cross one another.

Now that they've made it,

Theres no time to sleep.

Because Lions were once lambs,

lambs were once sheep.

Sheep who are all weak bodied and willed.

Move together only wool as a shield.

They evolve into lambs

Strong willed

but still weak.

blood pure and red but more tattered than sheep.

How do lambs turn to lions?

So strong and brave,

basking in the sunlight 

once hid in caves.

Predators, king of the wild

evolved from something so 

meek and mild?

Life tatters and tears

and taints innocent souls,

comes at you all at once , giving no slack

transition from lamb to lion.

Lions fight back.

Restless vengance and might

those who are lions, fight.

knowing when to stalk and pounce and take flight.

lions dont lie down and take it, they put up a fight.

So as the lambs,

we too are thrown out.


Noone expects us to make it,

Keep your mind set

strive for the best,

and when we are lions--

we will have time to rest.



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