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my necklace is itching my skin its giving me rope burn pain thats self inflicted hurts like no other hurt my neck is turning blue im running short of breath ive kicked away my stool
I am a tortured human soul, The world would be better, If I go. If I leave this world behind, What is the place I’ll find? I can’t live, with this pain,
There  once  was  a  little  bird Who    just    wanted    to    fly “Spread your wings and leap,” The   other   birds   told    her,
O' how cruel mine own heart be! It cares not if my head forbids It to love so as to not be twain in half again.
Chapped lips and Dark eyes, Acne scars and Chubby thighs. Senseless dreams and hopeless times. Waiting for the sun to rise. Quiet kisses and Poisened lips. Dying lungs and Useless tips
A telephone wire looped and knotted   So precisely done you were sure it would render you dead   An unsuspecting family less than 25 feet away in a different room  
This is when your jaw drops, You've finally seen the agony of a man that serves another for scraps, Builds a family from the ground up and still can't see the light, Que tienen miedo de la soga y de morir
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