Chaos ensued


A telephone wire

looped and knotted


So precisely done you were

sure it would render you dead


An unsuspecting family

less than 25 feet away

in a different room


It's undeniable that our laughs 

filled your ears, 

yet you still let the chair drop


You let the breath part from your lips, 

the color drain from your skin,

the warmth I so often craved desert my hero, 

the strength I knew you held gone in an instant.


You let yourself slip away from us

no remorse

You were gone, you didn't care

We didn't know.


Bedtime came and you were no where near

She went to find you,

waddling around with her pregnant belly


So accustomed to your night time stories

I waited,

I waited for your voice,

for your kisses

but they never came.


Screams and chaos,

profanity and rushed orders.

The night forever ingrained inside

my mind.


The night you so often forget,

it killed the girl i could have been 

the girl i aspire to be, 

but never will become.


That night you hoped to take your life

but instead you took mine.


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