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We walked a path, but not together You walked it while danger slept You walked it in sunny weather You walked through on fields of heather You walked while the streams ran wet  
We don't dream of heaven anymore 
Legend is his species Yet he sleeps for not being slayed Deep below, below earthen dirt Treaded on years after days Sound a-sleeping and sound silent, But vibrations have been felt
This 'Glow Up'   It wasn't started with a filter, or a grand weight loss journey. It started when life got hard.   Give up your toys, happiness doesn't meet reality.
Our Differences   Hold your tongue tightly It is vile and inconsiderate Speaking pompous things to Put your generation above me   And I say to you, silence Our lives are not the same
Generation of telecommunication Unplug your cellular devices turn your head away from the screen Witness the slave trade train arriving at the station
My generation has been bred into stupidity A government issue codependency   High on freedom then drowning in debt I still can’t balance a checkbook yet  
Do you hear those sounds from up above Not from the trees but from the birds and the bees  Those sounds from earth that give us girth  And let us stand tall rather than to fall on to our knees. 
Simple fickle peaceful minded With fire and angst motivation for days That's what it takes most days Days without her loving touch.  So the ground's been leveled in the orientation arena
Mindless and attached Is what I’m not. Nauseous with a headache Am I dying? Oh, dehydrated. The derivative of cosine?
Let me paint a picture of my generation. It's as if we all suffer from a self-induced aberration. We don't think, we just do. Where we sink, others flew. It kind of stinks that we can't see our potential,
We College Kids. We ear-buds in. We   American Dream. We hooked on caffeine. We   procrastinate. We stay up late. We   deep in debt. We overslept. We  
The day of our epoch will forever be remembered. None shall ever dare say that our generation
I am a part of a generation that no one seems to give two shits for. Apparently, we caused myriads of people on the internet to say, "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."
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