The Tiger


The Tiger


Brennan Cameron


The tiger is a very skilled hunter of prey,


Always on the move every night and day,


As you can see the tiger loves to eat


but not fruits or vegetables just lots of red meat,


A gazelle or a zebra would make a very nice treat,


The tiger is a large and beautiful cat,


There are quite a few things that the tiger is good at


such as pouncing and chasing and hunting it’s prey,


Getting a good rest at night is very important for this beast so it can be ready to hunt


 the very next day,


Most people say the lion is the king


but I think the tiger is if you ask me.

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This is a poem that I wrote all the way back in middle school. Yet, the beauty and majestic nature of this now endangered species that I was able to convey in this poem at such a young age, still gives me chills and instills in me an admiration for nature and its creatures as well as the beauty of poetry.

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