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When she flies. When she lights up.   Heart soaring, people bright, this is the feeling of flight. I cannot explain much, there is no explanation,
░B░l░a░r░i░n░g░,░ ░s░e░t░t░i░n░g░ ░s░u░n░ ░l░i░g░h░t░,░ ░s░e░t░s░ ░a░b░l░a░z░e░ ░t░h░e░ ░t░r░e░e░s░,░ ░I░ ░P░u░t░ ░j░a░z░z░ ░o░n░ ░t░h░e░ ░b░r░e░e░z░e░
How do I see Babylonians? (People who move/live like vampires, leeches, etc.)
i'm afraid.   it's a feeling i can't escape from — nothing i can turn a blind eye to, skip over, forget.  
You think you are out there all alone, you are not meant to be alone. Your heart is not made of stone, but your will is that of stone. The voices inside on and on they drone, but you are alive and not a drone.
I watch the water fall and I hear your call coming in. I knew you as a friend and you taught lessons that'll last 'til the end of my sin. We met in high school as young lost souls.
like the sun and all the stars she was bright - - as lovely as the flowers as beautiful as the - - more radiant than all as joyful and hopeful as a wishing star always the smartest
Deep in the night, we are silent below the stars shining bright. Our hearts pound for words unsaid. Our thoughts profound run rampant in our head. We’ve never told anyone not even our own
I’m a pirate. No, I’m a teacher. “Okay Teddy, turn to page 4 of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” “What's that teddy? There's something outside my door? A creepy Creature?”
Your smile isn't brighter than the sun, infact, compared to the stars its a fraction. I won't get lost in your eyes, but please don't let this demoralize. If your smile was brighter than the sun, it'd be unnatural,
Red When they both shuffled on the old gym floor it was the shade of the swish of her dress. When her lips meet his, he’s wishing for more
This is the story of those who ride the sun.   They end very old and start off very young.   They have kind eyes to see,   ears to listen,   and voices to sing.  
This year The most distasteful year With each passing day It felt as if nothing would rise I had marred skin  from my own knife I distrusted my family They didn't know what was right
Irises like a green spring leaf mixed with the bright-brown foliage of fall, You say you try to help me, Lies, You help me through it all. Your smile makes me smile, it's as simple as that.
You are a florescent bulb And the world is a room It is not a dark room But it is dark to you   You must find a socket Discover the grooves And take the twisting the world has done to you
He can never be predicted He even brings the mighty king's down from their Thrones   He is never impressed by their Titles the king's get or for the Status these earthly king’s hold.  
Yes, the sun shines bright, brighter than almost all things. But it can't brighten me.
See that Girl, over there? Her witty words, and messed up hair. that Girl is a diamond, brighter than the sun Her heart is pure, and loves everyone one that Girl's mind, creative, never dull
Our sun is bright and shining above Earth's grass is green and soft like a glove
I am like a star, a brilliant shining star. I may not always be noticed,  but I am always there. I am not discouraged by others,  and I always hold strong in my darkened night.
I’d always hoped the rain would wash this all away from me
Tropical colors move closer 
    Oct 5 2014   The sun is sitting on the crown of the trees just due east. Reaching her arms through its leaves,   Holding it. Like a mother hugs her child.  
When I dared to finally take my own steps, and when I dared to go my own direction, I found and learned about myself without the intention.   I left my home country and studied abroad
She's so innocent, so sweet Quiet girl, bustling world Why can't she break free? Why can't she scream? Never being noticed or seen So badly she wants the world to see 
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
Do not let things give you a frightThough they may,Fight them with all your might. There may be something that has a strange sight,But with that I say,Do not let things give you a fright.
                                   Through the Eyes of an Optimist                                           By: Kegan Graham
These often dark and dreary roads I walk
Teaching and helping Opening doors for the kids Of our bright future    
If there are stars that can shine, however bright they like, then that gives us the right to be as bright as we can be.   If there are planets that give life however vast they like,
The autumn is upon usit must be an enrichmentof all that went before
Good girls With high heels and dresses Fresh dewy faces and bibles on their dressers Pray to Him Good girls Facebook pages with verses from the Good Lord Church on Sunday morning
Pure heart and spirit A rose a midst a desert She graces the earth.
I’m caught in a whirlwind of fire, The fire is what terrifies as well as soothes me This whirlwind is a creation of my love, hate, and desire Origin, the sweetest of roses,
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