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I wonder what my old bedroom looks like now those empty nights where my breathing no longer exists  will the trees notice there isn't a window to push their breeze in my dog wondering the halls wondering why its silent
Too fat, too skinny, too linky, too thick (quit) , Too fat, too skinny, too linky, too thick (average) ,
Fast-paced running Children out of breath A yellow jersey with a #2 on the back Playing the defense position And scoring a goal 10 years old A trophy Feeling like a celebrity on the way home
I speak the words already heard by most For my story has been told by many. I am Ryan, son of Ed, and grandchild of Charles
I speak the words already heard by most   For my story has been told by many. I am Ryan, son of Ed, and grandchild of Charles
My home is the field With fear of being shown the red The crowd fills in, watching Whether real or inside my head
Life came crashing down. Derailed by injury. sometimes you just want to quit. And you feel like it’s too much But no pain is forever  That’s why you push your limits  no more excuses!  There are no sick days 
warped reflection swims like watery milk above the puddle full of doubts that don't drip but pour down into its cacophonous depths. a medley of sorrows curdle then swirl down the drain
We scored a goal. We lost the game. We still celebrated in the rain. The coach, he yelled. The subs went in. The fact that we lose and we still grin. I pass the ball. I stop the goal.
I started watching football when I was eight At that moment I had everything to hate The next day I went with the squad I played with a poor morale Than as the time passed by
Who's ready to Play? Who's ready to put their life on the line for the chance to be the bigger person? Who's ready to go in and Drop a player and Drop an offensive girl
When playing soccer, you kick a ball, You can kick it on a wall.   When playing soccer, you have to run, But don't stress, running is fun.   When playing soccer, you can't use hands,
The Ball rolls By quickly They scored a goal Lose.
During the night I lie awake and pray; The moment is something I won’t forget, Will the pain today ever go away?   The process leaves me in complete dismay,
i dont know how i should feel i dont know who i am crying is for the weak they say they call me a champion  my water taps open up in every game i lose my self, the fear of losing hits me
i dont know how i shoild feel i dont know who i am crying is for the week they say they call me a champion  my water taps open up in every game i lose my self, the fear of losing hits me
The neverending chorus of shrieks Pierced my ears Left a headache The worst hour of the week.   The crying was worse Caused by anything
You say I was quiet, and shy way back then. I was little and it’s hard to remember, but when I think about it, I really did stay To myself, hidden behind you, without much to say.  
I play the game I love. The game fights back at me. I can not play, I can not run, I can not walk. I watch my friends play. They feel bad for me. I watch the months go by,
A year ago I received the text about  a Soccer game haphazardly thrown together by my more athletic friends. I decided to join in. Why not? Seems like fun. After the first match
To feel the wind is to come alive to kick the ball leave no doubts in my mind as if fate this is my fate no one else so don't question why I kick the ball just know freedom
There's always one question that I'm asked about If you could only have one thing, what would it be? If you could only see one thing, what would you see? Whats the one thing that you can't live without?  
all I will ever need is soccer, all I will ever need is that beautiful sphere, all I will ever need is that raggedy ball with the stches barley holding on,
A game of simplicity get the ball in the net  Still it can seem so difficult and pressuring. The clock ticks down and you can feel the time lessening, Thats all I need.
The sport of soccer is, A team sport It doesn't matter if you are tall or short With it you have more support
Every season There is a reason, Why everyone loves The sport capitalized by clubs.   It's not the attraction to the players on the field, But the heart that the people yield.  
Introvert, Extrovert, Social-butterfly, Kid who’s hiding in the corner sitting all alone. All these titles all these labels
These delicate blades of grass beneath my bare feet like her hair before sleep - home.
Soccer balls in the field and goalie free to wield he jumps for a view which appears to be new a goal appears as i run to my pears the satisfaction of a goal is screamed into my ear
Summer's here, but that's not why I'm excited. I got my flag raised up and I'm ready to see the Finals. "Of what?" You ask. The one event that gives a country all the ofthe flory, of which to bask,
Summer 06' Circled around the screen is my family Grandpa in his recliner sitting stern and proud My little brothers cheering loud My mother and father clasping their hands
Football is magnific, enjoyed by many, first sport I cheered too! Humbles in defeat, trumpets in glory, for every loser a winner, first sport I ever won! Football is fun that weighs a ton,
The language without words yet everyone understands it.
The sweat, the soreness, and the beating sun None of which stopped me from pushing harder There was not a few girls, but a ton My coach told me I would be the teams starter  
So many people have dedicted their life One sport that anybody can play no matter how poor Competive game that unites countries ever four years Communiction is key nd unites strangers
I have a passion being on that field The perfectly cut grass all bright and green All the love for the game is revealed You can hear the nervousness in our scream The rivals cross the field all set and steady
I used to be a crazy little girl, my heart was a colorful swirl. As I got older and problems started, my mom's hair soon departed. She is a surviver of breast cancer twice, but she's very afraid of mice.
Soccer is the world's most popular sport. It is a test of endurace, Powered by passion and determination; For 90 minutes, the game is mine.
We stand as one; a team. Never backing down from the challange to win; we fight until the end. We live for this, the adreneline rushing through our veins, the excitement that runs bone deep when we crash the net.
Each person comes into this world with a destiny, something to fulfill, with a message to be delivered, and with work to be completed!   Our destiny is now, and together we have work to fulfill.
I asked my mother, what should I be? Should I be Portland or should I be Seattle, and here is what she said to me!   Don't be silly hun, you are your father's son, and there can only be truly one,
I see everything, the field and players, Running to the goal, Passing the ball. Enjoying the moment, Knowing one day, Seeing everything will end.
I joined the Lincoln soccer team this year My position for the team was goalie I blocked the blazing ball and heard the cheer Then the mistake I made was unholy  
On the grass field you see us running, Making the goals and plays, we're cunning, Out in the hot sun,  Ponytails and buns, Yeah, soccer girls we're all so stunning.
Hidden beneath my long red socks. Rarely seen by teammates and fans, you are always ready to do your job. Like the bullet-proof vest of a proud police officer. You take the shots hit after hit
Every time I step on the field My mind is set on the game I don't pay attention to anyone else besides My team and I When the whistle blows I am on my toes getting ready For the ball to come by me
“Ball! Ball! Ball!” Its perfect. Gracefully scooped by the foot, Rolling and racing Accelerated by the swing of the boot.
(I’m getting chill bumps on my arms. It’s getting harder to breath, I feel lighter. I’m running as fast as I can, pushing as hard as I can. I’m getting closer and closer with seconds.
Your eyes, green with flicks of brown. They swallowed me whole. They took my soul. They flipped my world world upside down.
The best sport in the world is soccer I love to play and win many games Start by taking you studs from the locker Headphones in jamming out to "remember the name" Eleven vs. eleven make the teams
(poems go here) The beautiful game for some undermines; With friends by their side on a field of grass That is marked by the seniors with white lines Which shows the boundary of a team's pass.
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